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peter horjus design & illustration produces award-winning design and illustration for a diverse group of clients. the full-service studio focuses on fresh and unique solutions to all projects and assignments.

the design side of the studio offers brand development including invitations, logos, icons, stationery, brochures, catalogs and product design. peter's design work is built on the idea of simple order, influenced by his dutch roots in the de stijl movement and the neighboring german bauhaus movement.

the illustration side offers editorial illustration, corporate illustration, and product illustration. you'll find his delightfully simple to intricate illustrations - with a touch of cubism and fauvism - in magazines, newspapers, books, posters, wine labels and annual reports. there are also 162 stock illustration images available at theispot.

the licensing segment offers images and patterns - by theme - for an array of applications that include everything from paper craft, home decor, and housewares, to fabric and mobile phone content.

peter's work spans the scope from fortune 100 companies to small business, from prominent national periodicals to local reads. the objective is the same for all, large or small - to create a compelling visual message that is both appropriate and memorable for your product, service or publication.

peter studied and taught graphic design at point loma college and has a bachelor of arts degree in fine art. his inspiration varies from fashion found at art openings and art found at hardware stores.
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